Aaron Murakami

Born outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota on the Grand Forks Air Force Base, Aaron Murakami spent his first 20 years in a military family moving from one base to another around the globe. He went to high school in Japan at the Yokota Air Force Base.

When he graduated high school, he attended Sinclair Community College in the United States. After that, he went to Wright State University in Ohio with the goal to get his degree in software engineering. Later in his studies, he decided that he needed to pursue more interesting fields than software and wound up getting a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health.

He went on to run a nutrition store in Spokane, Washington. While it gained popularity in the area, he closed it down in 2006 so that he could focus on other projects. He continued studying more about natural medicine and free energy technologies. He has resided in Spokane for his entire adult life.

One of his mentors was Rodger Estes, the first Westerner to be designated as a natural born Qigong Master by the Chinese Qigong Delegation. Aaron learned from him how to manipulate subtle energies as well as manage his mental powers. He quickly became, and remained Estes protégé. His other mentors in the field of free energy include Peter Lindemann, Eric Dollard, and John Bedini.

Dedicated to developing and distributing as much information as possible about free energy, he founded the Energetic Forum and the Energy Science Forum. There are over 130,000 members combined at the two forums from all over the world.

He co-founded A & P Electronic Media with Peter Lindemann in 2008. Today, they offer dozens of downloadable eBooks and film lectures. Their website is the single most authoritative source of information on free energy sciences.
He co-founded the Bedini-Lindemann Energy Conferences in 2012. These are now known as the Energy Science and Technology Conferences. They are held once each year in Northern Idaho not far from Spokane. People from all over the world have attended these conferences. Lindemann and Murakami are considered pioneers of the Free Energy and Tesla Science Movement. Much of free energy science is connected to the discoveries by noted engineer and inventor, Nicola Tesla.

Aaron is the author and producer of eBooks and films including “The Quantum Key,” “Ignition Secrets,” “A Course In Mind Power,” and “Water Fuel Secrets.” He remains a multi-disciplined researcher, web publisher and holds several patents in the plasma ignition system field. He is currently working on developing practical uses and applications for water fuel as well as other on-demand synthetic fuels for combustion engines.

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