Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard Biography: Getting To Know The Man & His Legacy

Every field has its own tribune of heroes or living legends, so to speak, the individuals who understand a field inside and out and not only expand upon that knowledge but help move it forward while making it more accessible. Eric Dollard is one of those living legends in his field, and that field is electrical research. An electrical engineer, he is widely considered to be one of the (if not the single) most knowledgeable expert alive when it comes to electricity and its true nature. The author of hundreds of papers, including dozens of mathematical papers considered a landmark in nature, Eric has shown some incredible finding involving how electricity and electric-based phenomenon can be measured mathematically without having to use classic calculus or the always used Maxwell’s Equations, which has traditionally been the way it is done.

As if being the author of the widely lauded “Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers & Theory of Wireless Power” isn’t enough, one of the huge bragging points that support this idea of Eric Dollard being a living legend in the field is the fact that he is the one and only person since the death of Tesla to build a successfully functioning Magnifying Transmitter. That is quite an accomplishment.

Equipment Experience Trumps Mathematical Acceptance

This isn’t to say that mathematics is dismissed. Quite the contrary, Eric Dollard has made massive contributions to the field of mathematics. Many have compared him to an old school electrical engineer like the old scientists from the turn of the century, and while he sees the importance of mathematical theory, sometimes that can narrow thinking too much and the only way to really expand options is to dive into the practical testing of gear and use of actual equipment to push the boundaries and see what can be done with some experimentation. Because of this old school approach, much of Eric’s work ends up building off of the energy pioneers of the past like Steinmetz, Tesla, or Farnsworth.

Eric’s contributions include over 30 notebooks of material covering years upon years of research. These notebooks are loaded with incredible amounts of information and many of them have even been published by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation.

The five published notebooks include huge amounts of information about wireless power, Tesla transformers, magnetic discharges, electric waves, and more. This information has advanced mathematical theory, practical electrical engineering, and moved both future developments as well as creating practical applications that can benefit individuals, business, and industry right now.

Eric has made many remarkable discoveries, presenting his findings in papers that not only cover the mathematics of the situation but also clearly laying out how the experiments are done in order to make it possible for others to recreate those experiments, as well. Just a short list of discoveries includes the Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity which was about Eric’s discovery of ways to take an industrial situation and generate excessive magnetic power in a way that really creates some interesting ways for industrialists to save money in real life situations.

Other major ideas that have gained traction include his demonstrating the Tesla One-Wire Electricity Transmission and its possible direct commercial applications, mathematical work on Tesla’s oscillating coils, broadcasting of electricity, and more. These are just a few of the advances that Eric Dollard has made over decades of research and in addition to those advances, they have been important enough to be jumping boards for a variety of other experiments, advances, and discoveries, as well.

Even beyond these, there is “The Ultimate Sound System” that Eric developed. This involved putting up the idea, and then early prototypes, to developing audio amplification that is consistent and completely distortion free. There have been some really incredible potential applications to come out of this, and it’s something that not only has the ability to help change the audio industry in general, but there are spin-off applications that can help with power transmission and even communications. That’s a lot of potential influence.

Continuing Greatness

Long a fan of Tesla, Eric Dollard has made an incredible career out of almost single-handedly reviving and carrying on the works of many early electrical engineering pioneers and proving that their early work wasn’t just theory but that there were entire areas where electrical engineering theory could be expanded.

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