Not Anti-Gravity… Electromagnetic Flux Slows Magnet Free-fall

“Hey, I’m Mark and today we’re going to be tinkering with rare earth magnets as well as a ceramic magnet.

We’re going to be dropping them into a copper pipe, aluminum pipe and to a copper pipe that I got in multiple layers. And I’ll be explaining to you what happens when you drop your magnet through a stainless steel pipe, gold pipe, and silver. Obviously I don’t have a gold or silver pipe.

The theory is that the copper and aluminum is obviously nonmagnetic. But we know that when the flux of a magnet passes through copper it generates electricity. Basically, we’re going to be making the generator powered by gravity and weighs about 2 ounces.

And when we drop it through the pipe you can see how long it takes for the fall through because it’s generating electricity.

I’ll get my cameraman to move over and you can see what’s happening.

There’s a flux field around the magnet and it is pushing the electrons, kinda like squeezing toothpaste. And kinda looks like the magnet is falling through oil or slow motion or defying gravity.

Will switch to an aluminum pipe. Now aluminum is only 69 percent efficient conductor of electricity. So it’s gonna fall, sorry, is going to fall 31 percent faster than through copper.

If I had a stainless pipe it would fall almost free fall because stainless is a very poor conductor of electricity. If I had a stainless steel extension cord it would heat up when I use it.

Silver is the best conductor of electricity and a copper is only 75 percent efficient compared to silver, so if I had a silver pipe it would fall 25 percent slower than it is now.

Now, this magnet is an N54, 3/4 of an inch by 1-inch cylinder, I found that this works the best.

I’ve got another little one. But it’s not quite big enough. Falls through pretty easy.

And a ceramic magnet is really heavy for how powerful it is about a free fall. Not good at all. When I drop it through the.

Ones with all the rings I will do it next. My theory was that it would produce electricity at each rain and that it would go even slower but that’s not the case at all. It does go slow but not as slow as the solid pipe was.

So. Pretty neat watching it fall through there. Like it’s trick photography but we’re not. Appreciate you watching.”


Link to buy magnet in this video

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